Interior & Exterior Carpentry In Seattle

Are you tired of carpenters who are only trying to cherry-pick larger projects?
From minor repairs to building out your entirely new dream interior, Hedlund Painting has got you covered.

There’s a lot of painting companies in the Seattle area, but not many of them offer a full range of carpentry services too. Because what’s the point of applying a fresh layer of paint over shoddy craftsmanship or rotten wood? We came to the conclusion that it would be more convenient and beneficial to our customers to provide carpentry as a service.

Don’t be blindsided by unexpected aesthetic upgrades or renovations that may pop up over the course of your painting project. Small fixes like these can halt work for weeks while you scramble to find a carpenter to fix them. This won’t happen with Hedlund Painting’s team of carpenters who have the experience to take care of any difficulties as they arise so your project does not stop!

Some carpenters don’t want to do smaller projects because they are holding out for bigger ones. This can be really frustrating for the homeowner trying to get the job done. Don’t fret, from minor repairs to building out your entirely new dream interior,  Hedlund Painting has got you covered.

Here at Hedlund Painting, we are pleased to offer a variety of top-notch services in Kirkland, Seattle, and Bellevue.

Our Carpentry Services



  • Baseboard Installation: The finishing touch on any drywall installation. Baseboards protect the brittle edges of the drywall and enhance the look of the room.
  • Built-In Shelving: So many opportunities to unlock hidden storage space in your house! Hedlund Painting has a variety of built-in shelving options!
  • Crown Molding Installation: Leave this difficult install to professionals. Crown molding will make a bold statement and transform the look of your room.
  • Custom Cabinets: Create storage space that’s stylish and functional. Custom cabinetry is an essential feature of any modern home.
  • Door & Window Trim Installation: Just another opportunity to add decor to your home and make it uniquely yours. Door & window trim is necessary to give a room that finished look
  • New Door Installation: A new professionally installed door is a great way to spruce up your home.
  • Wainscot Paneling: Originally used to hide dampness in the lower part of house walls. Wainscot Paneling is now used as a trim detail that enhances the overall look and decor of a house.
  • Window Replacement: Hedlund Painting provides quality installation of energy-efficient windows for your home.
  • Column/Railing Restoration: Old rusted railings or rotted columns? Let Hedlund Painting rejuvenate the look of your home’s exterior.
  • Deck Repair And Rebuild: Is your deck or patio in need of repair? Hedlund Painting has got you covered.
  • Door And Window Installation: We provide modern looks for a modern home. Update your doors and windows to enhance your curb appeal.
  • Dry Rot Repair: Not only is dry rot unsightly, but it also threatens the structural integrity of your home. Don’t let dry rot get out of hand, call Hedlund Painting today.
  • Siding/Shingles Replacement: The siding on your house should be something that you’re proud of. We have a variety of options that will transform the look of your home and make your neighbors envious.
  • Stair Repair and Rebuild: Wobbly, saggy stairs? Make your exterior stairs weather-resistant and safe. Hedlund painting can install stairs that better match the look of your house.
  • Trim Installation: Make sure your trim truly complements your siding.

Experienced Professional Carpenters

Our team of experienced professional carpenters will make sure to properly prepare your project to provide a precise finish that will last and leave you 100% satisfied. Trust your home carpentry projects to Hedlund Painting, maximize your curb appeal, and give us a call today!

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